Eric P. Kindwall, M.D.

When it comes to hyperbaric medicine and HBOT, there are numerous names of players and changers who have affected this treatment over the years.  The most modern, and possibly the most influential to the mainstreaming of this treatment, is Dr. Eric P. Kindwall.   Currently, Dr. Kindwall is the executive director of the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine in Wisconsin.  He is also the editor of Hyperbaric Medicine Practice Textbook, the definitive textbook in the field of HBOT.

Over the years, Dr. Kindwall has pioneered several courses that have certified hundreds of doctors in hyperbaric practices.  These courses include the first formal HBOT courses available to civilian physicians at St. Luke’s Medical Center in 1976.  These courses have continued to the present day, with only a brief hiatus between 1995 and 1999.  He also taught two courses per year at the medical college in Milwaukee until 1998 and has been known to give on-site courses to facilities with new hyperbaric technicians and nurses.

In order to teach these classes in a manner which would best suit working, professional physicians, Dr. Kindwall convinced the AMA to give the UMS approval over which courses would receive CME credits, reducing the amount of investment a physician would need to make to become HBOT-certified.

Dr. Kindwall is also cognizant of the importance of a “responsible community” being present in the world of HBOT.  Not only does this strength in numbers bring HBOT and its effectiveness to the public eye and the attention of legislators, but it also helps continue the research into helping people heal.

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