K. K. Jain, M.D.

Dr. K.K. Jain is included in the list of notable contributors, because his influence had been pervasive in the area of neurological applications of HBOT.

Dr. K.K. Jain is a neurosurgeon who received his medical training in Amritsar India in 1957, and did his postgraduate medical training at teaching hospitals across Canada. He was a clinical and research fellow in Neurosurgery at Harvard and UCLA. Between 1976 and 1989 he was a visiting professor and researcher in India, Iran, Switzerland and Germany. He has been working in the biotechnology/biopharmaceuticals industry since 1989 when he settled in Basel, Switzerland.

Professor Jain is the author of more than 425 publications, including 17 books and 49 special reports. The report topics include genomics, proteomics, molecular diagnostics, gene therapy, RNA interference, nanobiotechnology, drug delivery, neurological disorders and personalized medicine.

He has been active in the field of hyperbaric medicine since 1976, starting with the application of HBOT to stroke patients. His publications relating to hyperbaric therapy include Oxygen Physiology & Medicine and he was first author of the Textbook of Hyperbaric Medicine.

From 1986-89, he was a research physician specializing in Hyperbaric Medicine in Fachklinik Klausenbach, Germany. In 1988 he was Diplomat of the American Boards of Hyperbaric Medicine.

Dr. Jain founded Jain PharmaBiotech in 1996. In addition to research, consulting work and lectures, a major activity of the company is publication and continuous updating of some of the reports. Currently 16 titles are available and are updated at least once a month. This is a unique approach to publishing up-to-date information that is not offered by any competing publisher of reports in this area.

Currently, he is an associate editor of Medlink Neurology, an electronic encyclopedia of neurology published by Medlink Corporation (San Diego, California) for the continuing education of neurologists. He is also the author in charge of writing and regularly updating 125 of the approximately 1100 articles in this program.

Although the main thrust of his life’s work is in biotechnology, Dr. Jain remains an active consultant in the field of hyperbaric medicine, and an authoritative critic of methodological practices in current studies of HBOT and stroke.124

Resource: www.harchhyperbarics.com
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