Dysbiosis:  Intestinal flora with increased amounts of Clostridia bacteria and overgrowth of other abnormal bacteria compared to normal children.  Treatment of abnormal gut bacteria with antibiotics has led to improvements of autistic symptoms.92

Some autistic children have overgrowth of yeast, viruses and parasites in the gut. HBOT can function similar to an antibiotic.  HBOT has been shown to improve leukocyte phagocytic killing of bacteria.

HBOT at 2.0 ATA was shown to mobilize stem/progenitor cells from the bone marrow of humans into the systemic circulation.  Stem cells are also produced in the brain which may aid in reversing chronic neurodegenerative disorders.

In several chronic neurological conditions some investigators have been using lower hyperbaric pressures (1.5 ATA or less) with clinical improvements with fetal alcohol syndrome and cerebral palsy.93

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