HBOT in Mainstream News

In an April of 2010 Comcast Newsmakers segment, Hope Fine, clinical director of the South Florida Center for HOPE, spoke about the positive, restorative effects of HBOT on autism. She had been using an HBOT protocol of 75 minutes, 5 days a week with her autistic patients and reported significant social changes in their behavior.

In 2005 a mining accident in West Virginia captured the attention of millions of people following the news.  13 coal miners had been trapped and all but one of them died of carbon monoxide poisoning.  The only survivor had HBOT soon after his rescue.  Many attribute the miner’s young age, excellent health, and hyperbaric treatments to his survival.147

147MedPage Today: CHEST- Hyperbaric Oxygen Credited for Miner’s Recovery Accessed 2 January 2010