HBOT in Sports Medicine

From the high school locker room to the Olympic Leagues, researchers, scientists and coaches have always been looking for safe, legal ways to gain a competitive edge over the opposition.  While a large portion of this research is done by private interests in commercially funded labs (e.g., the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, Nike Lab) that are largely interested in using the research to sell their own product, much of what they uncover is beneficial to doctors and physical therapists. HBOT is no different.

In the early ’90s, the Vancouver Canucks began using HBOT to help their athletes recover quickly from injuries. In a 1994 Sports Illustrated article, Kostya Kennedy reported that most athletes call it a “magic box” due to its soothing and healing qualities.148

In 2004, Terrel Owens famously used HBOT to help recover from a traumatic leg injury in a matter of weeks, allowing him to play in the 2005 Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. Although they lost, the use of HBOT made Owens’ comeback all the more miraculous. Similar stories surround Pittsburgh Steelers’ player Hines Ward and the Indianapolis Colts’ Dwight Freeney.  Both athletes had joint and muscle injuries from which they recovered exponentially faster thanks to HBOT.149

Action star Sylvester Stallone, now in his 60s, used a hyperbaric chamber to recover quickly from training and injuries while filming Rocky Balboa in 2006.150

At the 2010 PGA Masters Tournament, Tiger Woods said in an interview that the reason he was able to recover from so many injuries during his career was in part due to HBOT. He is just one of the hundreds of athletes who are currently using HBOT to recover from injury and enhance performance.151

Loren Seagrave, physical trainer and founder of Velocity Sports, testifies that HBOT “gives the athlete a supreme, and legal, advantage to be able to recover more quickly.”152 Seagrave and Velocity Sports have advised hundreds of professional athletes over the years.153

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