Safety Policies and Procedures

Because of the rapid increase in combustibility of materials as pressure rises, safety measures must be implemented.  A review of substances and items not allowed in the chamber should be gone over, as well as the reasons for these.  Additionally a list of these should be posted in a place visible to the patients and staff.

Health care personnel have the responsibility to check each patient prior to each treatment.

  1. Patients should wear only 100% cotton clothing provided by the hyperbaric unit.
  2. No personal garments of unnecessary items are allowed.
  3. Any toiletries containing “alcohol, oil or petroleum-based substances must be removed.
  4. All jewelry and glasses must be removed; rings may be taped.
  5. A grounding strap must be affixed to ground static electricity.
  6. Items that contain batteries are not allowed (including watches, hearing aids, TENS units, external pacemakers, etc.).
  7. No hard contact lenses may be worn.