Dermatologic Manifestations

HBOT has been used for dermatologic conditions since 1977. It increases dermal metabolism, provides antibacterial effects and enhances antibiotic therapy. Psoriasis has been treated with phototherapy and HBOT in patients without underlying immunosuppression. Theoretically, the treatment works due to the antibacterial effect of HBOT and the stimulating effect on lymphocytic activity.

Comments from physicians indicate that HBOT patients have beautiful skin. A reduction in the clinical course of AIDS related dermatologic conditions and infections and the resulting reduction in costs support the adjunctive use of HBOT.

HBOT is used in combination with acyclovir for herpes simplex 2. Candidiasis, Reiter’s syndrome, folliculitis, and seborrheic dermatitis have all improved with HBOT. Cryptococcosis improves more rapidly with HBOT than with antifungal treatment by itself. Patients receiving HBOT for two or more years have not developed the dermatologic conditions anticipated with AIDS.